Thursday, March 19, 2015

summer sunlight

I've had a roll of Agfa Vista sitting around on my shelves for the last few months, waiting to be developed. I couldn't really remember what was on it when I brought it in to be developed, and looking through the photos was a strange experience -- that mix of recognition and familiarity, nostalgia and longing for the summer sun. (Seriously, Kingston winters are so brutal, I've found myself wishing all the time for the sun to come back properly.)

The first few photos would have been taken on my walk home from work. Some others are from when my family came to visit me last July, and others are from Wolfe Island Music Festival.

This restaurant was never open, no matter what day or time I walked past it.

I passed this alleyway every day, and always made a point to slow down and look. I wanted to follow it to the bottom someday, but part of me didn't really want to know what was at the end.

Alvvays performing on the second day of the festival.