Monday, July 8, 2013

angela comes to visit

For my inaugural post here, what better than a reunion? My friend Angela, who I met in first year of university at the Bader International Study Centre, came to NYC for a few days last week.  I rarely see Angela as she goes to a different university, so it was wonderful to see her again, as well as Jessica (another old friend from Bader), and the friends they brought with them!

On Friday, we walked from Radio City Music Hall up to Central Park, where we searched for the Gapstow Bridge and Bethesda Terrace before Angela had to go back to Times Square for a lottery.  It was odd to find these places by searching for them as opposed to just randomly stumbling across them--as things normally go for me in Central Park--but a nice way to spend a hot summer day.

View from the Gapstow Bridge.

Angela in her sunhat!


Bethesda Terrace.

Angela and Hee-won.

Jessica, another BISC alum.


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