Wednesday, November 20, 2013

weekend in toronto

Despite having lived in Canada for most of the last two years, I hadn't actually been to Toronto before last weekend (except to catch flights, buses, etc).  Finally I got to see the city over about two days, hitting up a bunch of places with my parents, who came up from NYC to meet me.  It was SO FUN and I fell in love with Toronto--how could I not? It's such a beautiful city and full of life and good food.  It reminded me a lot of NYC in some ways.

Naturally, I took photos!

CN Tower on Friday night:

Thanks Dad!

Dad pretends he can fly.

Walking to the St Lawrence Market on Saturday:

In the St Lawrence Market:

Distillery District:

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  1. these are absolutely beautiful. that fourth picture from the cn tower of the city after dark - just stunning!