Sunday, June 1, 2014


This is going to be a LONG one.

In early May, I went home to NYC for a couple of weeks. I'm spending the summer up here in Kingston (I have an internship!) but wanted to go home before work started. While I was home, the cherry blossoms were in bloom at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and Kelly and I met up one day during peak bloom to go shoot. It was overcast that day, so there weren't many people around, which was nice--although sunshine would have been cool too!

The next week, we actually ended up at the Garden again--her friend Anikki was in town and wanted to go! This was my first time meeting Anikki (like, ever--I knew of her because of Kelly and another mutual friend, but didn't ~know~ her) and it was super super fun, even though when I showed up to meet them I realized I had forgotten my memory card and had to go find a Radioshack in Park Slope to buy another one and missed the sun while I was going there and back. OOPS.

Anyway--tons of photos! Digital, film, and instant! Enjoy!!


Searching for the swag.

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